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Company History

Established in 1985, CW Electric, Inc. (CWE) started from humble beginnings performing odd jobs for mining facilities and has expanded to a front line electrical contractor servicing a multitude of industrial and commercial clients. The company philosophy was simple, provide the best possible all inclusive solutions on time and within budget. This way of thinking is the cornerstone upon which we do business. CWE prides itself on being a comprehensive, design-build company with the capacities to oversee a project from conception to installation to maintenance to decommissioning.

1985, CW Electric Started
1993, Shannon Wells acquired 50% interest in CW
2000, Williams Electric acquired
2001, Shannon Wells acquired remaining 50% interest in CW
2001, High Voltage Construction acquired
2001, Quality Line acquired
2003, Hayes Automation formed
2006, TriData Solutions acquired
2009, Rock and Coal Constructions Started
2014, Mining Machinery acquired
2017, R and E Electric acquired


Corporate Office, Ashland, KY
Street Address
1512 North Big Run Road
Ashland, Kentucky, 41102

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 203
Rush, Kentucky, 41168

Business Phone

Business Fax

Federal Tax Payer ID Number

Business started

“C” Corporation
Established March 25, 1992 – Registered in Ohio

Current Staffing
312 Permanent Employees


State License #
Alabama General Contractor License # 42908
Electrical Contractor License # 2650
Arkansas Certificate of Authority With Secretary of State
Delaware Secretary of State Certified / T1-0005646
Florida Electrical Contractor License # 13003703
General Contractor License # QB66036
Georgia Secretary of State Certified / License # EN215367
Illinois Secretary of State Certified / Local Government License Only
Indiana Secretary of State Certified / Local Government License Only
Iowa Electrical Contractor License # EL-10382EC
Louisiana Electrical Contractor License # 61709
Kentucky Master Electrician Shannon Wells – CE6839
         Electrical Contractor License – ME6826
         Professional Engineering #25765
Kansas Secretary of State Certified / Local Government License
Maine Preliminary License Application & Study
Maryland Secretary of State Certified / License # 4030571
Mississippi Secretary of State Certified / License Pending
New Mexico Electrical Contractor License #375408
North Carolina Electrical Contractors License # 24321-U
Missouri Secretary of State Certified / Local Government License
New York Secretary of State Certified / Local Government License
Ohio Electrical Contractors License # 24112
          Professional Engineering Certified # 60900, 74284
          Department of Transportation Certified # 10999
Pennsylvania Secretary of State Certified / DOT Pre-Qualification Pending
          Professional Engineering Certified # PE071973
South Carolina Mechanical Contractor License # M107317
Tennessee Electrical Contractor License # 50323
Texas Electrical Contractor License # 29437
Virginia Electrical, Highway, Concrete Contracting License # 2705 064755A
Washington Secretary of State Certified ID# 602983937
West Virginia Electrical, Demolition, Excavation, Concrete Contractor License # WV 023760
          Professional Engineering Certified # C01616-00


238210 — Cable splicing, electrical or fiber optic
238210 — Electrical appliance installation
238210 — Electrical contractors
238210 — Electrical wiring contractors
238210 — Electrical work
238210 — Highway, street and bridge lighting and electrical signal installation
238210 — Low voltage electrical work
238210 — Telecommunications equipment and wiring (except transmission line) installation contractors
444190 — Electrical supply stores
541330 — Electrical engineering services
811219 — Electrical measuring instrument repair and maintenance services
811310 — Electrical generating and transmission equipment repair and maintenance services
517110 — Telecommunications carriers, wired
517110 — Telecommunications networks, wired
541618 — Telecommunications management consulting services

Our Clients

This is just a few of our many customers nationwide that utilizes our services.