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Electrical Services

Our 30 years of experience encompass a large variety of work environments. We have installed as high as 348KV electrical systems through low voltage systems for customers across the US. Our company supplies and installs the equipment, provides warranties for our parts and labor, and services the equipment as needed. For cases of urgent need, CWE stocks the most commonly needed electrical material and equipment to expedite our service and response.

Electrical Services

  • Electrical Engineering, Design, and Drafting
  • High Voltage Power Systems and Distribution
  • High Voltage Substations
  • Electrical Transmission Systems – including overhead power lines and underground distribution systems
  • Electrical Distribution Systems – for factories, plants, and buildings both high and low voltage
  • Grounding Systems – for buildings and outdoor installations
  • Electrical Maintenance Services
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Infrared Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Fiber Optic and Communication Backbones
  • Systems Integration
  • Control Systems and Automation
  • Security System Installation
CW Services Engineering & Construction

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